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Lowongan Kerja Client Manager Healthcare NTT MSC Jakarta 2020

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Rekrutmen NTT MSC 2020 - NTT MSC saat ini membuka kesempatan berkarir untuk Kalian melalui Lowongan Kerja Terbaru guna mengisi formasi jabatan sebagai Client Manager Healthcare yang akan ditempatkan di Jakarta. Silakan simak info lowongan kerja selengkapnya berikut ini :

Loker NTT MSC 2020

Deskripsi Lowongan Kerja Client Manager Healthcare Jakarta Terbaru

Client Manager Healthcare

In a constantly changing world, we work together with our people, clients and communities to enable them to fulfill their potential to do great things. We believe that by bringing everyone together, we can solve problems using innovative technology that can create a world that is sustainable and secure. At NTT, we encourage you to remain continuously curious, as that is what keeps you fast, flexible and relevant. No two days will be the same but that is what will help you grow and realize your full potential.

The power is in your hands to do great things. It’s time to lead the change, be the authentic you, to solve difficult challenges, to set the pace of change and to unleash your potential.

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"Responsible for identifying, developing, and closing systems integration outsourcing projects. Involves customized multi-product/multi-vendor solutions with hardware, software, and services. Applies sales skills to engage and close opportunities with decision-makers. Turns opportunity over to implementation/consulting team. Deals may involve a long sales cycle. Results: Can report to any of the field sales management positions. If unable to distinguish between levels or only one level of account manager within the company, match to the career level. The most highly populated individual contributor level (up to 75-80% of the individual contributor sales population) might be matched to the career level. No more than 15-20% of individual contributor sales population would typically be matched to the advanced level. National (country-wide) account managers should be matched to the Country Strategic Account Manager set of jobs. "

Working at NTT

Job Description

Primary Segment Focus

New clients

Secondary Segment Focus

Existing clients

Sales Process Involvement

Land & Adopt (1 & 2)

Client Load

Existing: 1530
Prospect: 0

Sales Time Allocation

Pre-sales: 30%
Engaged selling time: 35%
Sales completion: 20%
Sales Facilitation: 15%

Solution Focus

Primary: Networking, Data Center, CX and Collaboration, Security, Digital

Sales Strategy with Buyers & Products

Existing: Penetration (new/different products)

Stakeholder Engagement

Internal: Employees, Managed Services
External: Clients, Vendors

Value Chain Linkage


Skills and Attributes

Sales Pursuit

Identifies clients and buyers with problem the majority of Dimension Data solutions can solve. Understands the conditions where clients are open or ready to solve the problem with you and actively creates needs into Dimension Data opportunities to meet pipeline targets in SFDC. Highlights sales process plan risk areas throughout the entire sales process for on-going monitoring during execution. Works with Dimension Data resources to help execute and advance the sales process. Can clearly communicate goals to the client and create detailed strategic opportunity plans. Acts as a trusted advisor and can effectively create complex ROI-impactful solutions (e.g. spanning multiple solutions, Managed Services). Presents and manages expectations on how results will be tracked and followed-up on. Able to create solutions together with C-Suite buyers. Works with clients to solve potential negotiation issues and creates best-in-class proposals that anticipate all questions the client may have. Educates client on the value of solutions vs. price. Independently negotiates all Dimension Data solution opportunities, including complex services solutions. Becomes recognised internally as a “go-to-resource” regarding negotiation and helps others in complex negotiations. Has ability to negotiate with all relevant decision-makers, including C-suite. Can present solutions and close deals with little internal Dimension Data help. Understands right time to close by identifying buying signals. Identifies areas for improvement in closing deals. Proactively pursues training and development. Understands and states expectations of all of the roles involved in the opportunity and how they work together in the sales process. Holds internal planning sessions before each client visit.

Client Management

Builds strong business relationships with clients to understand business needs, business environment and challenges. Can show strong relationships with 1-2 LOB buyers at each client.

Solution Knowledge

Independently matches solutions to customer value areas and can have detailed discussions with stakeholders on all value propositions. Can confidently demonstrate cross-brand value propositions to the client. Becomes recognised internally as a “go-to-resource” for value propositions and helps in regular value proposition refinement. Proactively researches weaknesses of/points of differentiation between Dimension Data and competitive product offerings and shares this knowledge with colleagues. Uses specific case studies to discuss the value of Dimension Data offerings. Shows knowledge of vertical use cases and seeks out new/updated information about changes in the industry that may affect Dimension Data’s value proposition through proactive industry research. Shows advanced understanding of changes in technology and can answer questions in the moment about new developments. Fully understands the characteristics of an opportunity with managed services potential. Can successfully re-engineer a client's vision to include Dimension Data services offerings. Creates services opportunities by building business cases to present to C-level buyers. Applies own Dimension Data use cases across all verticals and solutions to help explain successful use of Dimension Data solutions in similar client cases. Brought in by others to help tell use case stories when needed.

Resource optimisation

Increases internal network to include strong relationships with other Dimension Data teams and some other internal business functions (accounting, marketing, sales leadership, etc.). Can differentiate between the characteristics of effective and dysfunctional teams. Identifies when team is not working well and creates a documented plan with clear items to steer the team back in the right direction. Has strong working relationships with partners to provide support to clients. Understands how to identify the correct partners and how to use partner resources to increase Dimension Data sales volume through vendors.

Business Acumen

Understands and works toward most critical success factors for a healthy pipeline (e.g. win rate, client buying process). Holds at least bi-weekly opportunity pipeline review meetings with his/her manager. Proactively builds and executes gap plans if pipeline predicts low sales target achievement. Has the ability to recognise opportunities for commercial differentiation based on previous experience and can create commercial architecture business. Independently creates complex, innovative commercial architecture models. Implements good transition management and can quantify solutions at the start. Becomes recognised internally as a “go-to-resource” and helps others when building complex solutions. Has an astute legal understanding of contracting to better leverage contracts for execution. Influences the client to see the contract as a differentiating factor. Successfully identifies new opportunities within the framework of existing contracts. Fully understands the value exchange of contracting between Dimension Data and the client for all complex managed services solutions

Work Outputs

Relationship and Incident Management

The Client Partner is responsible for developing and strengthening relationship with decision makers and influencers with the clients including its executives. This role is responsible for providing outstanding services as per the agreed service level agreement to ensure client satisfaction.

Services Knowledge

The client partner is able to serve as a trusted advisor to assist the client in the decision-making process by increasing knowledge of the client’s business and industry. The Client Partner is a subject matter expert; this will assist with the negotiation for costings. This role uses his/her understanding of the client’s business and depth of knowledge on the specific solution (MS) to personalise the recommended solution in line with the client’s need.

New Business Development

Client Partners promotes solutions and services to drive the expansion of services provided to existing clients. The client partner is able to generate demand for the solutions available by assisting clients to identify and qualify current needs and effectively articulate how Dimension Data can add value through its services and solutions offerings, The Client Partner is part of the overall development of the marketing strategy implemented to provide solutions to clients. Client Partners lead the negotiation of deals with clients. They work closely with the internal account management team to enable conclusion of the deal.

Develop solutions

Client Partners analyse the client’s situation and business requirements through awareness and good questioning, and then use their depth of knowledge on the specific solution or service to personalise the recommended solution in line with the clients need. They create deals that are financially flexible, creative and beneficial to the client by evaluating and presenting the different financial options available to the client. They use their understanding of the client’s managerial and financial management preferences to create differentiation in the deal. The Client Partner has a detailed understanding of the income statements effect on all possible deal options to ensure that the commercial option presented is the best for the client. In addition to this, Client Partners need to consider the availability of critical skills, industry compliance and risk to the client in combination with the service delivery and solution that is crafted.

Vendor engagement

They work closely with vendors to predict their strategies for solutions and services, and can articulate the roadmap and associated impacts for clients.

Ensure sales

The Client Partner is responsible for assigned accounts in segments 1 and 2. One of this position’s main responsibilities is to lead the strategy and planning for the account by identifying opportunities for growth in the account. The Client Partner is required to ensure higher value or value added services and solutions to the client. Client expectations are managed by this position through constant communication flow related to the services delivery timeline as well as project teams. The Client Partner is required to develop customised programs to meet the clients’ needs and close the sale. They are able to generate demand by assisting clients to identify current needs (turning clients’ implied needs into explicit needs), and then effectively articulate how Dimension Data can add value through our services and solutions. They leverage their specialist skills and knowledge of technology solutions and services to assist and influence the client at every stage of the buying criteria, and to position Dimension Data favourably compared to competitors. They have the ability to influence and work closely with vendors, partners and internal employees to achieve the required results.

Achieve financial metrics

The Client Partner leads the team in performing detailed contractual and financial analysis on existing clients and complex sales opportunities. They evaluate whether opportunities are and continues to be commercially viable. They evaluate the financial strategy of deals, such as the value-add to the client. They understand the competitive environment by conducting competitor analysis and ensure the best offering and differentiating Dimension Data from the competitor. In terms of service level based solutions, the Client Partner ensures the incorporation of asset ownership and utility based models into the deal. The Client Partner critically evaluates the financing, leasing and accounting impact of deals. They ensure that deals take advantage of and consider revenue recognition in line with Dimension Data policies. They ensure that accounting policies are understood by all relevant stakeholders, maximising and protecting margins and group metrics.

Next career steps

Senior Client Partner
Sales Manager

Education Required

Degree in Technical or Sales field (preferred, but not essential) or relevant experience equivalent to a degree

Certifications Required


Work Experience Required

810 years’ experience in a large IT organisation with at least 8 of those years focusing on sales experience with global, regional and/or large accounts with an applications focus
Selling experience across a wide range of services
Extensive Client Facing experience
Industry knowledge at an exceptional level regarding Applications and how to consult across C+ level and above with Applications solutions
Exposure to Managed Services and a detailed understanding of MS or ES approach to business
A good understanding of the vast range of IT operations and Dimension Data service offerings
Thorough experience in Dimension Data products and understanding of industry best practices
Demonstrated sales, client engagement and business development experience with requisite understanding of relevant markets and market penetration strategies

What will make you a good fit for the role?

Standard career level descriptor for job level:
Seasoned and experienced professional
Has full understanding of specialisation area
Resolves wide range of issues in creative ways
Fully qualified, career level, career journey-orientated
Uses good judgement in selecting tools and methods to solve problems
Networks with senior internal and external people in own area of expertise
Receives little instruction on day-to-day work, receives general instructions on new assignments
Typically requires demonstrable related experience with a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree; or moderate level experience and a Master’s or equivalent degree; or a PhD or equivalent degree without experience; or equivalent work experience

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Equal opportunity employer

NTT is proud to be an equal opportunity employer with a global culture that embraces diversity. We are committed to providing an environment free of unfair discrimination and harassment. We do not discriminate based on age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, veteran status, or other protected category.

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