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Lowongan Kerja Project Coordinator For The AIS Secretariat - (Jakarta) - SC8 (For Indonesia Nationality Only) UNDP Indonesia Jakarta 2020

UNDP Indonesia Jakarta

Lowongan Kerja UNDP Indonesia 2020 - UNDP Indonesia saat ini membuka peluang karir bagi Anda melalui Lowongan Kerja Terbaru guna menempati posisi jabatan sebagai Project Coordinator for the AIS Secretariat - (Jakarta) - SC8 (For Indonesia Nationality Only) yang akan ditugaskan di Jakarta. Silakan baca info rekrutmen selengkapnya di bawah ini :

Lowongan Kerja UNDP Indonesia 2020

Deskripsi Lowongan Kerja Project Coordinator for the AIS Secretariat - (Jakarta) - SC8 (For Indonesia Nationality Only) Jakarta Terbaru

“UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. On the ground in 170 countries and territories, UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations.”
UNDP Indonesia's mission is to be an agent for change in the human and social development of Indonesia. We aim to be a bridge between Indonesia and all donors as well as a trusted partner to all stakeholders. We work in four key areas of development: Governance Reforms, Pro-Poor Policy Reforms, Conflict Prevention and Recovery, and Environment Management, with the overarching aim of reducing poverty in Indonesia. Besides the four priority areas, UNDP Indonesia is also engaged in a variety of crosscutting initiatives focused on HIV/AIDS, gender equality, and information and technology for development.”
a. Project Context
Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) around the globe face common development challenges that inhibit their ability to live prosperously and grow sustainably. Many are facing existential threats that include climate change, natural disasters, marine pollution, marine plastic debris, unsustainable fisheries, and ocean (un)sustainability. Failing to protect our oceans and address climate change will have catastrophic social and economic effects for people around the world.
The UNDP Oceans Action Hub estimates the global market value of marine industries and costal resources to be approximately USD $3 to 6 trillion annually. However, natural disasters such as cyclones and tsunamis cause immense per-capita damage to AIS, and risk reversing decades of development gains. In 2010, natural disasters affected more than 200 million people, caused nearly 270,000 deaths, and resulted in USD $110 billion in damages, of which Indonesia has experienced first-hand. Demak regency in Central Java has had eleven bridges destroyed by climate change related events, more than 300 houses submerged by floods, and two villages displaced due to rising sea levels. In Semarang, up to 4,000 hectares of land are vulnerable to flooding, and in North Jakarta, floods affect two million people annually.
Irrespective of their size and development, AIS have geographic circumstances that create unique development challenges and opportunities. The oceans and seas around AIS, constitute a much larger area than their inland territory, especially when Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), continental shelves, and extended continental shelves are considered. However, AIS have differing levels of dependence on the marine environment.
After a sideline discussion on the 5th of June 2017 at the Ocean Conference in New York City, a follow-up Conference on the Archipelagic and Island States Forum was held in Jakarta on the 21st – 22nd of November 2017. This resulted in a common understanding among participating countries that a forum could be an innovative vehicle for effectively addressing climate change and marine issues. In addition, the forum would be a concerted response to SDG 14: the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development. It is the agreed position of participating countries that the AIS Forum (“the Forum”) can be influential in mitigating climate change and the pursuit of social and economic sustainability. The Forum will create a space for financing innovative solutions and technologies, as well as engendering collaboration between stakeholders.
The AIS Forum is designed to include island states and archipelagic countries regardless of their location, size, and level of development. There are regional initiatives that allow island states to connect with and aid one another. However, a global initiative that brings together all AIS is yet to exist. The AIS Forum will create a unique grouping of nations to address the challenges of sustainable ocean resource use, climate change resilience, ocean pollution, emergency management, and sustainable fisheries.
b. The Establishment of Archipelagic and Island State Forum Support Facility (Secretariat)
Following the first Ministerial Meeting of the AIS Forum held from the 31st of October until the 2nd of November 2018, the Government of Indonesia and the United Nations Development Programme, signed a Letter of Intent that agreed to establish an AIS Forum Support Facility (Secretariat). The Secretariat is an administrative organ that will manage and execute the operations of the Forum. It is responsible for directing the Forum’s program of events, managing the AIS Fund Facility and other finances, maintaining relationships with Participants and developing stakeholder networks.
It is proposed that the Secretariat be established on an interim basis under the direction of the United Nations Development Programme. The Secretariat will be housed at UNDP offices in Jakarta, Indonesia. UNDP will staff and manage the Secretariat in consultation with the Government of Indonesia and the participating countries. This interim management will last for three years or until otherwise decided through agreement between the UNDP and the Government of Indonesia.
The UNDP AIS Support Facility will have key services to facilitate:
Provision of substantial and technical inputs from UNDP Indonesia’s in-house-expert and global network, to ensure activities implemented by the AIS Forum Support Facility achieve the expected outputs;
Mobilizing new resources to support AIS Forum related activities;
Facilitating operations by recruiting qualified staff and procuring relevant goods and services to be handed over to the AIS Forum Secretariat;
Provision of institutional capacity building for the AIS Forum Secretariat;
Facilitating transfer of knowledge;
Facilitating start-ups, youth, academia, civil societies, researchers, indigenous peoples, NGOs, and the private sector engagement; and,
Accounting and reporting of financial resources.
The following are AIS Forum Support Facility/Secretariat’s roles:
The required mechanisms as international secretariat is in place.
AIS Forum Secretariat is able to manage its own operation (human resources management, procurement etc) and financing.
In order to achieve the expected outputs of the AIS Forum Support Facility (Secretariat), UNDP Indonesia with the Government of Indonesia requires the services of an experienced Project Coordinator. Under close supervision and reporting to the UNDP Program Manager, as well as liaise closely with the Government of Indonesia (the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia), s/he will manage the daily operations of the AIS Forum Support Facility and ensure that all activities are delivered adequately and effectively.
1. Ensures implementation of project strategies and activities focusing on the achievement of the following results:
Ensure that all of the AIS Forum’s activities are properly planned, prepared, implemented, monitored and evaluated according to UNDP Guidelines and provide related organizational and logistical support
Effective monitoring of project trends, including delivery of projects outputs against usage of project resources.
Thorough analysis on contribution of project outputs toward achievement of outcome level results within the context of the political, social and economic situation in the country.
Active participation in various policy and partnership fora, as well as relevant international conferences and meetings on Archipelagic and Island States to keep abreast of the sector and facilitate programme development;
Effective support to the Project Manager in identifying new programme/project ideas through consultation with the Government, other donors, UN agencies and NGOs.
Ensures gender-related economic, environmental, public research and analysis, to contribute to the formulation of policies, programme interventions, procedures, guidelines and tools
2. Participates in effective management of the project focusing on quality control from formulation to implementation of the projects, achieving the following results:
Provision of substantive input and support to the initiation/ design of projects and/or activities within the area of responsibility as well as translation of UNDP’s priorities into local interventions in coordination with Project Manager.
Initiation of a project, presentation of the project to PAC, finalization of contribution agreement; determination of required revisions; coordination of the mandatory and budget re-phasing exercises, closure of projects through review.
Timely regular Steering Committee sessions to review progress against deliverables.
Provision of input and support to the regular internal project assurance monitoring (IPAR), identification of operational and financial problems, development of solutions.
Preparation of inputs for project reporting, including donor reporting and risk management.
To ensure proper implementation of gender equality accountability framework and Gender equality Results Based management at the AIS Forum i.e. performance management, gender marker assignment in web based system ATLAS , reporting, etc
3. Maintain partnerships for project implementation with AIS Forum stakeholders focusing on achievement of the following results:
Regular assessment of stakeholder’s capacity and ensure that capacity development strategy is embedded within the framework of the Forum’s implementation
Established and maintenance of link of communication between Forum Stakeholders for provision of effective support and assurances
Coordinate and liaise closely with government counterparts and other key stakeholders, including UN entities and other international and regional organizations, civil society and the private sector, when appropriate and as necessary, for the effective organization and delivery activities;
Effective support and facilitation on wider partnership with stakeholders to encourage coordination and synergies between various actors and thus ensure more impactful results
Promotion of stakeholder awareness on project activities and results to support partnership and resource mobilization for future implementation, replication and up-scaling.
4. Provides top quality support services to the AIS Forum focusing on achievement of the following results:
Manage the AIS Forum Support Facility’s daily operations and provide direction and manage the Support Facility’s administrative functions according to UNDP Guidelines and based on the project’s workplan
Facilitation on the development of annual workplan, including detail plans for procurement, recruitments and other country office support services,
Effective support to the AIS Forum in identifying the appropriate modalities for acquiring inputs for activities (e.g. recruitment & procurement modalities)
Keep track of expenditures, to ensure alignment with initial budget allocations, and report on variances;
Effective organization and facilitation of training for Forum staff as necessary on UNDP operational issues.
Ensure proper management of communications, drafts, organizing and filing of documents and other information related to project
Perform any other work-related duties as required/assigned.
5. Facilitation of knowledge building and management, producing and disseminating lesson learnt from designated projects and support to the promotion of cross-project, cross-unit knowledge fertilization focusing on the following results :
Identification of entry points for knowledge generations and knowledge sharing from the Forum stakeholders’ experience;
Effective contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.
Identification of sources of information related to policy-driven issues. Identification and synthesis of best practices and lessons learned directly linked to project and programme country policy goals
Provision of support to the information sharing event and dialogue within the donor community by initiating and/or participating in consultative meetings that will address the issues and needs in collaboration with key partners.
Maintenance of established advocacy networks which are linked to international networks and proposed for expansion of network to the Forum, thus relevant, high-impact advocacy campaigns are implemented with key partners.
Effective support to the establishment of showcase to external stakeholders on progress made and impacts delivered
Organization of training for the operations/ projects staff on various issues.
Professional growth through active learning.
Conducts internal capacity building training for project staff to facilitate appropriate management and timely delivery of project outputs including in gender analysis and gender mainstreaming
6. The incumbent of the position should avoid any kind of discriminatory behavior including gender discrimination and ensure that
Human rights and gender equality is prioritized as an ethical principle within all actions;
Activities are designed and implemented in accordance with “Social and Environmental Standards of UNDP”;
Any kind of diversities based on ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, class, gender are respected within all implementations including data production;
Differentiated needs of women and men are considered;
Inclusive approach is reflected within all actions and implementations, in that sense an enabling and accessible setup in various senses such as disability gender language barrier is created;
Necessary arrangements to provide gender parity within all committees, meetings, trainings etc. introduced.
The Project Coordinator will report directly to the AIS Forum’s Steering Committee. At current, the Forum’s Steering Committee consists of UNDP and the Government of Indonesia, i.e. the Coordinating Ministry of the Maritime Affairs, but may be adjusted according to the Forum’s stakeholder’s meetings and decisions. The Project Coordinator will also be under close supervision and report to the UNDP Indonesia Environment Unit’s Program Manager for project assurances.
Core Competencies:
Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity
Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment
Self-development, initiative-taking
Acting as a team player and facilitating team work
Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively
Creating synergies through self-control
Managing conflict
Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others.
Informed and transparent decision making
Conflict resolving skills to manage gender barriers and gender blind behaviors within the project and with partners
Communication skills to exchange information, and key ideas in a manner that engages the audience and helps others to understand and retain messages about gender equality and parity
Team and partnership building: Working in teams and empowering project staff to create an enabling gender equality environment on non-hierarchical bases.
Development and operational effectiveness: Effective leadership and process management for gender equality (team work, goal setting, time management, priority setting, meeting management, etc)
Functional Competencies:
Advocacy/Advancing A Policy-Oriented Agenda
Preparing information for advocacy
Identifies and communicates relevant information for a variety of audiences for advocating the AIS Forum
Identifies and communicates relevant information for a variety of audiences for advocating UNDP’s mandate
Advocacy skills to promote gender equality approaches, to achieve the UNDP Gender Equality agenda or national gender equality agenda with internal and external partners
Results-Based Programme Development and Management
Contributes into results through primary research and analysis
Assesses project performance to identify success factors and incorporates best practices into project work
Researches linkages across programme activities to identify critical points of integration
Monitors specific stages of project/programme implementation
Promote gender equality accountability framework and Gender equality Results Based management
Building Strategic Partnerships
Maintaining a network of contacts
Analyzes and selects materials for strengthening strategic alliances with partners and stakeholders
Innovation and Marketing New Approaches
Enhancing processes or products
Generates new ideas and proposes new, more effective ways of doing things
Documents and analyses innovative strategies/best practices/new approaches
Resource Mobilization
Providing inputs to resource mobilization strategies
Analyzes information/databases on potential and actual donors
Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing
Basic research and analysis
Generates new ideas and approaches, researches best practices and proposes new, more effective ways of doing things
Documents and analyses innovative strategies and new approaches
Promoting organizational learning and knowledge sharing in gender analysis and gender mainstreaming
Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise
Fundamental knowledge of own discipline
Understands and applies fundamental concepts and principles of a professional discipline or technical specialty relating to the position
Possesses basic knowledge of organizational policies and procedures relating to the position and applies them consistently in work tasks
Analyzes the requirements and synthesizes proposals
Strives to keep job knowledge up-to-date through self-directed study and other means of learning
Demonstrates good knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments
Theoretical and/or practical knowledge of gender equality and women’s empowerment in development programming
Global Leadership and Advocacy for UNDP’s Goals
Preparing information for global advocacy
Identifies and communicates relevant information for advocacy for UNDP’s goals for a variety of audiences
Effective leadership and coordination of management for gender equality results based on team work, gender focal team setting, goal setting including development of gender action plan, effective work share, horizontal and reciprocal relationship
Client Orientation
Establishing effective client relationships
Researches potential solutions to internal and external client needs and reports back in a timely, succinct and appropriate fashion
Organizes and prioritizes work schedule to meet client needs and deadlines
Bachelor degree in International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Statistic or other relevant fields of study would be desirable, but it is not a requirement.
Minimum with 6 years of relevant experience for candidate with Bachelor Degree or 2 years’ relevant experience for candidate with Master Degree in providing management advisory services, hands-on experience in design, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and establishing inter-relationships among international organization and national governments.
Experience including analytical work, programme/project development in the areas of climate change and environment
Working experience networking with the private sector, CSO, university will be highly desirable
Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc), advance knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, and handling of web based management systems will be advantage.
Good knowledge about rules, procedures of UN/UNDP will be highly desirable.
Language Requirements:
Fluency in written and spoken English is an absolute necessity;
Fluency in written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia is required.
Other Requirements:
Demonstrated strong familiarity with UNDP development projects in Indonesia.
Knowledge on various donor’s reporting requirements
Good inter-personal and team building skills.
Full time availability for project management support duties is essential.
Familiar with Government and UN/UNDP procedures would be desirable
Experience in handling of web based management systems would be highly desirable.
UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply . All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.
UNDP Indonesia reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this vacancy announcement. We may also retain applications and consider candidates applying to this post for other similar positions with UNDP Indonesia at the same grade level and with similar job description, experience and education requirements.

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